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Powering Your Mechanisms with Simplicity and Precision

Your go-to solution for designing, simulating, and innovating with planar linkages, offering a seamless web-based experience for students and educators.

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Powerful features in a simple web-app.

PMKS+ allows you to harness the power of other desktop linkage analysis tools in an intuitive and modern web application

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Optimize Mechanical Designs

Powerful Analysis & Synthesis

Advanced analysis tools and automatic synthesis capabilities for efficient mechanical design optimization.

  • Comprehensive kinematic and force analysis
  • Automatic linkage synthesis for desired motion
  • Easily modify designs to achieve optimal performance
Features 02
Improve Classroom Outcomes

Collaborative Workflows

Foster collaborative learning and teamwork in the classroom with seamless sharing and interactive feedback.

  • Share linkages through a URL or file
  • Facilitate peer review and feedback on designs
  • Learn from a library of example linkages
Features 03
Easy-to-Use for All Skill Levels

Intuitive & Accessible

Hassle-free planar linkage analysis on any browser with an intuitive interface.

  • User-friendly interface for effortless creation
  • Free and open source
  • Web-based platform, no installations needed

Revolutionize Your Mechanism Design

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